Refund policy

*Note: You can request your return directly from your customer account: or by writing us an email.

In the event that the buyer purchases a personalized product through our online store, returns will not be accepted.

According to the provisions of article 103 of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, supplies of services or goods made in accordance with the specifications of the consumer or clearly personalized, or that, due to their nature, cannot be returned or may deteriorate or expire quickly, are exempt from withdrawal.

If the buyer purchases a non-personalized product, he or she will have a maximum period of fourteen calendar days to return it, starting from the day the customer receives the product, without any penalty and without indicating the reasons. Once this period has been exceeded, no returns of any kind will be accepted.

If the deadline requirements for returning are met, the procedure to follow will be as follows:
The exercise of the right of withdrawal must be carried out by notification indicating the order number and (if appropriate) the reason for the return by contacting the email, the web chat, the contact form or any other means of communication. put at the service of customers on this website.

1.1 Return

For orders placed from Spain, within the Iberian Peninsula, VARDIER will provide the shipping label and bear the logistical costs of the return.

For orders in Spain within the Iberian Peninsula, if the customer requests management by Vardier, the return shipping costs (which are approximately €4) will be assumed by Vardier and the return will be FREE for the customer. If, on the other hand, the customer prefers to manage the return, they will send the returned product to our postal address: Calle Ausias March 44, 13, 46120, Valencia, Spain, with the costs associated with sending the return being borne by the customer. .
For other locations: The customer will assume the costs of shipping the product from their home to the Vardier offices.

In any case, Vardier will not be responsible for the return costs if upon receipt and inspection of the product, and without being factory defective, it does not meet the requirements described below to accept the return.

To accept the return, the garments must be in perfect condition, without having been worn, stained or damaged, in their original packaging and carry their corresponding label.

If the returned product meets all the requirements, Vardier will proceed with the refund:

- (Outside Mainland Spain) If the return shipment has been managed by Vardier, the costs associated with managing the return shipment will be deducted from the return (costs depending on the location that will be deducted from the refund).

- If the return shipment has been managed by the customer, 100% of the amount of the order that corresponds* to the return will be refunded but will not be responsible for any additional costs that the customer may have incurred to manage the return shipment .

*Important: Under no circumstances will the amount paid for "Shipping" be refunded as long as a delivery option that does not correspond to the "standard" shipping rate has been selected.

Therefore, to avoid problems during transportation, please ensure that the package is properly protected and sealed. Once received/s, we will check its status. As soon as we verify that the item(s), as well as any components, accessories, promotional gifts and documentation, are complete and in perfect condition, we will proceed to return the money paid for the products purchased.

1.2 Return of defective product

In the event that the product is not in good condition and the causes attributable to it are not a consequence of the customer, the customer will have the right to return the product, immediately informing Vardier of the reason for return through any of the means provided in these contract conditions, and at no cost to the client. This return due to defect or poor condition of the product will not be considered a right of withdrawal.

Vardier will arrange the return shipping of the product return to our postal address: Calle Ausias March 44, 13, 46120, Valencia, Spain. The returned product will be carefully examined and you will be informed by e-mail within a reasonable period of time whether a refund or replacement is appropriate. If the defect is admitted:

- In the event that the item can be replaced with another without defect, the product will be exchanged for a new one at the expense of all associated expenses on the part of Vardier.

-If the product can be replaced with another identical product without defect, the customer requests a return, it would be processed in the same way as any return, so the customer must assume the return management costs of €4, which will be deducted. of the refund.

-In the event that, since it is not possible to replace the defective product due to lack of stock, the customer decides to return instead of making an exchange for a different one, Vardier will refund the total amount of the order.

-In the event that, since it is not possible to replace the defective product due to lack of stock, the customer decides to make an exchange for a different product, Vardier will make the change assuming the shipping costs without charging the customer any cost.

Otherwise, if no defect is considered, the client may decide whether:

- You want the product to be sent again at the same expense of the amount of the new shipment, in which case a new shipment would be charged to the customer, but they would not be charged for the return shipping that Vardier managed

- You want to make a return without defect in accordance with the provisions of point 1.1 of this policy.

1.3 Payment refund

The payment will be refunded through the same payment method by which the order was placed or, failing that, by bank transfer within a maximum of 3 business days from the arrival and verification of the package at our facilities.

1.4 Claims

If the customer wishes to file a claim, they can contact the email or send a letter to our postal address Calle Ausias March 44, 13, 46120, Valencia, Spain.