"The Mark of Just in Case"

We are a fashion firm specialized in covering the unforeseen events that may arise in your day to day with foldable , practical, simple, timeless and elegant fashion garments.

We design and manufacture in Spain fashion for any occasion thought for girls with personality who like to be prepared for "persiacasos": "in case it cools down", "in case the air conditioning is on top", "in case it rains", "for if I get dirty", "in case I buy something"... we want to go in your bag, and never be caught off guard.

How it came about

The typical summer night was born having a drink with some friends on a terrace, some air began to flow and the group began to feel cool.

Some dragged a wrinkled sweater hooked to their bag all day, others dared to put on a picturesque look by stealing some clothes from their partners and others ended up resigning themselves to being cold.

We ask ourselves, why not carry a foldable jacket on itself and without wrinkles always in the bag for the unforeseen? We started looking and when we couldn't find anything we decided to develop our own line of designer products that practically don't wrinkle and that fit in the bag.

We started making our own jackets and realized the potential for "just in case" cases that remained to be covered.

This is how VARDIER was born in 2020, the fashion brand MADE IN SPAIN that you always carry in your bag just in case...


The founders are María and Arturo, a Valencian couple who in January 2020, after several years of stable work as engineers, decided to pursue our own dream and launched VARDIER, our professional, personal and life project together.

Our offices are located in Valencia (Spain) and from here all the design, production and marketing are managed through collaborators all located in different locations in Spain.

The reason of to be


All our garments have in common that they are foldable, light and take up little space so that they can be easily transported with you and can save you from any unforeseen event. They are also made of elastic fabrics that minimize wrinkles and adapt very well to any silhouette.

If you want to know how to fold each of our garments, visit the folding instructions page, we will tell you how to do it through videos.

Folding Tutorials


At Vardier we have been committed from the beginning to actively collaborating with various associations and solidarity initiatives that generate a positive impact on our society, bringing different solidarity projects closer to our clients to participate in them jointly.

If you want to discover all our initiatives, visit the solidarity initiatives page, we will tell you which products are solidarity and what they are intended for.


Slow fashion- Made in Spain

We are committed to Slow Fashion to be a sustainable brand, that is, our designs are designed to be timeless, that do not go out of style and that combine with any look, in order to extend their use as much as possible. Our garments designed with an elegant yet simple style.

In addition, we design and manufacture 100% in Spain, with the aim of promoting local commerce and reducing the distance (km) that our garments travel.

Innovative company

VARDIER is certified by the ENISA entity as an emerging and innovative company

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