They trust us and have talked about our project in numerous fashion and economic newspapers and magazines since we launched the firm in 2020. At VARDIER we are very grateful to all the media that have echoed our project throughout Spain. Among them:


"The Valencian fashion firm of "just in case""

"Vardier consolidates itself as a benchmark in the 'porsiacasos' of fashion"


"Tricks for packing your suitcase in winter and closing it effortlessly"

" Interview Vardier Onda Cero-La terrace (Minute 43) "

"We have found the only 'just in case' that is worth putting in your vacation suitcase" vacation-5040582/

"We know of a clothing brand that fits on itself and makes it easy to 'wear a jacket just in case'"


"Vardier, the 'just in case' clothes made in Spain"

" The Mark of the Case-breakers "

" Foldable clothes, the solution you needed to space problems in any half-season getaway "

" The 'just in case' jacket that fits in your bag and is perfect for spring "

" 52 fashion gifts to surprise Three Kings Day "


" Foldable fashion, the solution to carry in your bag in case it's cold or rainy "

" The folding clothing firm Vardier is testing its jump to the physical channel in 2022 ",1322574.html

"But what do you have in that bag! Well, a jacket, a sweater, a little dress and a raincoat (all foldable and from Vardier) " vardier

" Packable jackets to carry in your bag: the story of Vardier, the "just in case" brand "

"Vardier. The 'e-commerce' of wrinkle-free garments that fold up to the size of a mobile"

" The just in case jacket that fits in a pocket and goes with all your dresses and sandals "

" Vardier: foldable clothing to gain a foothold in the midst of a pandemic "

" Vardier, the Spanish brand that thinks about "just in case" (it's cold) "

" Vardier, the mobile-size folding jacket that has slipped into Tamara Falcó's bag "


" Vardier, the Valencian 'startup' of foldable clothes to store in bags as a case-in-case "